Viper – Difference between Economy and Premium Heavy Duty Van Ramp

Viper – Difference between Economy and Premium Heavy Duty Van Ramp

We offer various loading van ramps, for Example Economy Viper Ramps and Premium Viper Ramps. But what exactly is the difference?

This blog will hopefully give you the answer you were looking for.

Economy Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps:

  • Available in two widths (700mm and 920mm) and 3 lengths (1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm) only
  • Capacity decreases with the length: 1800mm has a capacity from 900kg whereas the 2400mm long ramps has only a capacity from 770kg
  • Not customisable, only available in dimensions advertised on website.
  • Built out of Aluminium, to remain lightweight
  • Unique Rest on Connection, nowhere else to be found in the ramp market
  • Built overseas, so ordered in large quantities to have enough stock and a lower price than the premium ramps

Premium Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramps:

  • Available in two different widths, 750mm and 1000mm.
  • Capacity remains the same in every length and width: 1000kg
  • Fully TUV certified and 100% built in Europe, shorter lead times, available in larger quantities on short notice, still large stock is held, all sizes up to 3000mm, to keep them as low prices as possible.
  • Fully customisable in widths, lengths, capacity and load height – a quality like this comes with a price. That is the reason they are called Premium.

All ramps are prefect for flight cases and trolleys. Those ranges are really popular with in the event and moving branch. We supply both ranges with raised safety edges, to prevent wheeling off, which makes them quite safe for loading heavier items.

The reason why both ranges are called Viper Heavy Duty Van Ramp?

With both Viper ranges we can offer good and safe products in all price categories and are still able to fully customise every need of our customers. So absolutely survivors in this world, which is why we called them Vipers.

If you still have questions regarding this ramps or other loading ramps, please feel free to contact us.