Fixed and Adjustable Threshold Ramps

The Ramp People's new fixed threshold ramps are designed to be left in place, perfect if you need a more permanent solution. Our threshold ramps have an extremely durable anti-slip surface, which is ideal for continued outdoor use. These ramps are available in either a fixed or adjustable style, making them incredibly versatile. Our range of fixed threshold ramps are extremely quick and easy to fit. 

  1. Threshold ramp sat flush with step

    Adjustable Threshold Ramp

    From €195.00
    In Stock
  2. Adjustable Threshold Ramp (2ft - 8ft) with Entry Plate Kit

    Adjustable Threshold Ramp (2ft - 8ft) with Entry Plate Kit

    From €355.00
    In Stock
  3. Fully assembled wheelchair ramp with handrails kit

    Wheelchair Ramp Kit With Handrails 4ft - 8ft

    From €335.00
    In Stock
  4. Connecting plate open

    Hinged Connecting Plate for Fixed and Adjustable Threshold Ramps

    From €75.00
    In Stock

The Ramp People Fixed Aluminium Threshold Ramps are the ideal solution for overcoming PVC, WPVC, patio doors and many other thresholds. Designed to be left in place, these products provide a comfortable and secure route to the inside of a property. They are lightweight and the anodised aluminium surface offers an excellent stainless, corrosion-free grip surface, designed for sustained outdoor use.  

These ramps are fastened securely onto the threshold and can be secured at the base as well.  The Ramp People Adjustable Threshold Ramps are completely self supporting, resting on adjustable legs, and can be positioned at varying heights. Both styles offer a cut away kerb, so as not to obstruct opening doors, and a full width anti-slip surface designed to be left outdoors over long periods. 

Instructions for assembling the Adjustable Threshold Ramps can be found here

Instructions for assembling the Hinged Connecting Plate can be found here 

Fixed Aluminium Threshold Ramp Features Include:      

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Highly durable anti-slip surface
  • Fixing points at connection to allow secure installation 
  • Ideal for PVC, WPVC and wooden thresholds and steps
  • Total width anti-slip surface for continued outdoor use.
  • Safety edges in contrasting colour
  • Lightweight design
  • Capacity up to 400kg
  • Anodised surface to prevent stains and corrosion
  • Durable easy wash surface                 

Adjustable Ramp Features Also Include:

  • Easily positioned telescopic legs
  • Heights adjusting from 7cm - 25cm (3" - 10")
  • Leave in place for PVC door thresholds   

Adjustable Ramp with Entry Plate Features Also Include:

  • The ramp includes the adjustable threshold ramp and an entry plate
  • Easily overcome thresholds, including uPvc doorways 
  • Simply flip the entry plate over the doorway when access is required 

 The Ramp People are proud members of the BHTA and full subscribe to the BHTA Code of practice.