Step Kits

The Ramp People step kits made of galvanized steel are specially designed for affordable and simple 1-plan entry solutions. Mini staircases follow the regulations and standards that apply to buildings and workplaces. Mini Stairs have extensive use, such as access solutions for short or long term 1 plan modular buildings, container designs, workplace bids, etc.

The stairs are made of galvanized steel and have rubber-coated guides for the best comfort. Trident mini staircases are available in 1-3-step solutions, with or without handrails. Easy to assemble and transport. We recommend railing on stairs more than 1 step for best safety. The mini staircases are reusable and can be re-used for a long service life.

Please note, these step kits are not suitble for our modular ramp system, please contact us if steps is required on your modular ramp system.

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