Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramps

  1. Heavy duty folding van ramp unfolded with support bar

    Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp (800mm wide x 1000kg capacity)

    From €2,050.00
  2. Folded heavy duty folding van ramp

    Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp (1000mm wide x 1000kg capacity)

    From €2,300.00

With a 5 year warranty the heavy duty folding van ramp from The Ramp People has a certified safe working loading of 1000kg and features a pneumatic support arm. Available in a variety of lengths and to fit a wide range of vehicles this is the heavy weight contender of the folding van ramp world. Extremely strong, durable, lightweight and non-slip, this a very versatile piece of equipment.

An easy guide for the correct measurements can be found here.

All our ramps are easy to install; see our Folding Van Ramp Assembling Guide for details.

With an industry leading 5 year warranty - our heavy duty folding van ramps see widespread use in the transport industry. In particular these are a favourite with motorcycle transporters, but also used by caterers, farmers and for other light industrial uses. Their hydraulic supports allow almost effort free opening and closing. We can also offer custom variants on these designs - just ask!

Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp Features include: 

  • 1000kg Capacity plus 2 Year Warranty 
  • Easy To Install & Removable after use: fully fitted with only two clips
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Anodised components for a clean, professional look
  • Ramps supplied with a crash-tested safety harness
  • Robot Welded for Solid, Strong and Durable Construction
  • Multifold Ramps will fit into almost any size vehicle
  • Safety Edges on each side of the ramp prevent accidentally wheeling off           
  • Bypasses most bumpers, crash bars, steps and tow bars