Safety Rider Mini Hump Vulcanized

The Safety Rider® is constructed from 100% recycled tires. Unlike asphalt humps, our mini humps are preformed for a uniform profile and a smooth, safe ride. The mini humps are simple to install and do not require road closures. Plastic shields are inserted into pre-drilled holes and the units are bolted down to keep from shifting. The Safety Rider® can be easily removed for storage or relocation.

Mini speed humps are ideal for slowing traffic in school parking lots and crossings, playground areas, hospitals, parking facilities, and anywhere a slow traffic flow is required. Heavy load bearing truck traffic is ideally facilitated by the safety rider mini hump.

For further information on the Safety Rider by CHECKERS©, please refer to the catalogue.

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    Safety Rider Mini Hump Vulcanized Kits

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