Lightweight Kerb Ramps

The Kerbhopper kerb ramps offer unrivalled strength and durability whilst remaining light and easily transportable.  Our Kerbhopper kerb ramps are fabricated from extremely high quality glass reinforced plastic so they can withstand weights up to 250kg with our heavy duty range. read more

The anti-slip surface for our kerb ramps is effective even in wet weather so you can feel secure in using your new access ramp at any time of year. Designed for getting up any kind of kerb or ridge; they are easy to store can be used as a car ramp, wheelchair ramp or industrial vehicle ramps. Whatever your needs, we are sure to have the right kerb ramps for sale at fantastic prices, and if you are unsure about which ramp to choose or have any questions regarding pricing or availability, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for friendly and helpful advice.