Channel ramps

The Benefits of Wheelchair Channel Ramps

Channel ramps are a perfect, lightweight solution for helping manual wheelchairs go up steps and overcome thresholds. We have premium and economy solutions, with prices starting from just €90.00 + VAT, with free delivery across Ireland. Our Channels ramps are available in lengths of 4ft to 12ft, making them suitable for heights up to 24″/60cm. 

Wheelchair Channel Ramps are generally selected as they are a lighter option than folding wheelchair ramps as the weight is split over 2 separate channels. Simply rest the ramp on the step/threshold, line up the wheels of the wheelchair with the ramp and go up the ramp. 

Please note, channel ramps are not recommended for scooters and electric wheelchairs as they generally have lower ground clearance. For scooters and electric wheelchairs we would recommend our folding wheelchair ramps.

Economy Channel Ramp Range

Within the economy channel ramp range for manual wheelchairs, we have channel ramps available in lengths of 4ft – 12ft with a capacity of 275kg. The ramps are all aluminium and lightweight, with weights starting from just 4.5kg per ramp, 9kg per pair. All ramps are provided with safety edges, a non-slip surface and sold as a pair.

Our Telescopic Channel Ramps 4ft – 7ft are provided with a black, anti-slip surface. In addition they are provided with a black carry case to allow you to easily transport these to alternative locations. The ramps are telescopic for easy storage, reducing to almost half their length for storage.

Our Telescopic Channel Ramps 4ft – 12ft are fully adjustable, meaning that if you purchase the 12ft version, you can clip this to shorter length and use the ramp at, for example 8ft when required. This makes the ramp perfect if you wish to use the wheelchair ramps on a variety of step heights. They are telescopic and provided with handles to allow you to easily transport this. Simply adjust to your required length, rest on the step and start using!

If you have wider than average wheels on your wheelchair, or you would just prefer extra space, you may wish to view our Extra Wide Telescopic Channel Ramps, available in 4ft – 8ft. These ramps have a useable width of 250mm (overall width 310mm).

If you need to go up and over a threshold in your manual wheelchair, we would suggest viewing our Dual Purpose Folding Telescopic Channel & Bridge Ramps which are available in 7ft, 8ft and 10ft. These ramps are multi-purpose. You can use the ramp as one long ramp, for example set at 10ft. Alternatively you can use the ramp to bridge a threshold, due to the hinge design. For instance, on the 10ft ramp you can use the main length of 1900mm to go up the steps, whilst the threshold ramp at the length of 1100mm can go down the other side of the threshold.  These ramps are telescopic and folding for easy storage.

Premium Channel Ramps

The Premium Channel Ramps are produced in Sweden and are available in lengths up to 3000mm. The ramps weight from just 3.8kg upwards. Folding and telescopic options are available. In addition, the premium range also features up and over, combi ramps to allow you to bridge thresholds. The ramps include a 5 year warranty.
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