Rubber Kerb Ramp

The Benefits Of Kerb Ramps

The Ramp People offer a wide array of kerb ramps, including rubber and plastic kerb ramps for heights ranging from 4mm to 150mm. With various options available, find the perfect kerb ramp for you.

Easily load pallet trucks, cars, trolleys and more up kerbs of heights up to 150mm with our rubber and plastic kerb ramps. Capacities up to 40,000kg available.

Rubber Kerb Ramps

The Ramp People’s Rubber Kerb Ramps are available in 100mm, 135mm and 150mm. The ramps are providing with fixings for tarmac and concrete to easily allow you to secure these to the ground. The 100mm option (standard kerb height) and 150mm options are also provided with reflectors to ensure visibility and increase safety. In addition, these kerb ramps include 2 channels below the ramp to allow you to easily pass cables under the kerb ramp. 
Kerb Ramp USP

We also provide Rubber Kerb Ramp Kits which include end caps which provide a smooth edge to the ramp.

Rubber Kerb Ramp Kit
Rubber Kerb Ramp Kit

Bulk Discounts are Available Across All Of Our Kerb Ramps
Plastic Kerb Ramps 

If you are loading 2000kg or less, up heights of 70mm or 110mm, our Plastic Kerb Ramps are the perfect solution. Like the Rubber Kerb Ramps, the Plastic Kerb Ramps are provided with fixings for tarmac and concrete. They also have 1 channel to allow a cable to pass under the ramp. The anti-slip surface is perfect to help you load with ease. As they are plastic, they are lightweight and easy to move as required. As with all of our products, they are provided with a 1 year warranty.
Plastic kerb ramps
Plastic kerb ramps
Require a Wider Solution? 
Our Kerbhoppers are 1285mm wide and are perfect lightweight, portable solution for loading up heights of up to 200mm.
Alternatively you may wish to view our Rubber Threshold Ramps, provided in 4mm to 100mm with a 1000kg capacity. These ramps are perfect for loading items up heights of 100mm. The ramps are built to a 1:10 gradient, making them perfect for loading trolleys, pallet trucks and wheelchairs with low ground clearance.

We provide Bulk Discounts, Free Delivery & 1 Year Warranty On All Of Our Kerb Ramps.

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