Roll-a-Ramp – Steps & Thresholds

Roll-a-ramp is a popular wheelchair ramp and scooter ramp solution which is perfect no matter the height you wish to overcome. These portable mobility aids are available in 4 widths and can be built to any length to ensure you have the gradient you require to overcome steps and thresholds. In addition, they can be provided with handrails and can be used in conjunction with a platform if you wish to take a left turn. To learn more, view the key features of the roll-a-ramp below.
Roll-a-ramp on steps
Roll-a-Ramp resting on a step

Create any length & adjust the length when you need to

Roll-a-ramp is available to purchase in any length. On our website, we list lengths up to 15ft, if you require longer lengths simply contact our team by calling +353 1 695 0520. All ramps over 11ft are provided with support stands, locking pins and quick release system.

For manual wheelchairs we recommend a minimum of a 1:6 gradient. For electric wheelchairs, scooters and walkers a minimum of a 1:8 gradient is recommended. For help identifying the ramp length you require, please use our handy wheelchair ramp length calculator or contact our team. Please note, due to the length of the connection an additional 1ft is required when selecting a roll-a-ramp. 

Alter the ramp length when you need to

The roll-a-ramp is made up of 1ft ramp length sections. For example, if you purchase a 6ft roll-a-ramp this includes 6 x 1ft sections. This means when required you can reduce the ramp length. In addition, if you later realise you require a longer ramp length you can simply purchase additional ramp length sections rather than purchasing a new wheelchair ramp. 

Go up and over thresholds with ease

This wheelchair ramp can be used as a straight ramp which simply rests on the step or threshold or, alternatively it can be used to bridge and overcome thresholds such as uPVC doors. 

Roll-a-ramp threshold ramp
Roll-a-Ramp going up and over a uPVC threshold

Quick Release System and Locking Pins 

The quick release system and locking pins allows you to quickly and easily split the ramps into two halves, making it easy to store and lighter to transport. All ramps purchased which are 11ft or longer include the quick release system, locking pins and support stands. 

Add single or double handrails 

This ramp is perfect for manual wheelchairs, scooters, electric wheelchairs, walkers and pedestrians. For extra support and security, the roll-a-ramp can be purchased with a single or double handrails

Wheelchair ramp with handrails
Roll-a-Ramp wheelchair ramp with handrails

Take a left or right turn with the Roll-a-Ramp Platform 

If you do not have space for a straight ramp, you can purchase two roll-a-ramps and a portable platform to allow users to take a left or right turn. The turning platform includes handrails and can be set at heights between 400mm – 600mm. 

turning platform
Roll-a-Ramp Turning Platform

10 Year Warranty 

All roll-a-ramps are provided with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. 

Leave outside in all weathers

Roll-a-ramp is provided with an anodised surface which allows the ramp to be left outside and prevents corrosion. 

Options for narrow and wide doorways

The roll-a-ramp is available in four widths; 660mm760mm910mm and 1220mm.

Roll away the ramp for easy storage

As the ramp is designed as a portable and temporary solution, when the ramp is not required simply roll it up for easy storage. 

For more information, or to purchase a roll-a-ramp of your required length, please visit our website or  email our team at

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