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Reclaim VAT on Disabled Access Ramps

If you are located within the Republic of Ireland and you have a disability you can reclaim VAT (currently 23% across Ireland) on mobility aids, including wheelchair ramps. 

If you are disabled and have paid VAT on a product such as a wheelchair ramp, you can make a claim for the VAT through eRepayments. When making a claim you will need to provide details of the claim and documentation to support the claim, including invoices showing payment was made. You will also need to provide details such as your bank details to allow the payment for the VAT to be sent to you.

When we dispatch wheelchair ramps we do not charge VAT as we ship items from the UK. VAT is charged by the courier either prior or after delivery. We therefore recommend you retain your invoice we email to you along with the receipt for the payment made to the courier. 

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Revenue Irish Tax and Customs

Who is eligible for VAT relief? 

VAT relief is provided to individuals who are disabled. VAT relief is not available to hospitals, schools and similar locations. 

What other goods are eligible for disabled VAT relief within Ireland? 

VAT relief is available on various living aids and housing adaptions which are required by those with disabilities. For example, VAT relief is available on products such as stairlifts, commode chairs and bathroom aids. 

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