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Portable Platforms for Wheelchair Access

There is not always space to have a ramp to go from the door straight out into the path/driveway. Where there is an alleyway or wall, you may need to take a left or right turn prior to reaching ground level. Our portable platforms are perfect to help you to do this.

Which platform should you buy?

Step 1: Check what the height is of your step. Simply take a tape measure and measure the vertical height from the ground to the top of the step/threshold hold.

Step 2: Identify the total ramp length you require. To do this we would recommend using our Ramp Calculator. Simply enter the measurements and select whether you are using a manual or electric wheelchair and the calculator will let you know the length of ramp you require!

Step 3: Decide what height to set the platform at, our platforms can be set at heights from 100mm to 305mm. You will need to take into consideration space available and do some calculations, if you are unsure contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.

You will need to identify the height from the platform to the top step/threshold and use the calculator to work out the required ramp length for this height. You will then need to check the height from the platform to the ground and identify the ramp length required for this height. The total overall ramp length will be the length you identified in step 2.


  • Total step height: 200mm
  • Type of wheelchair: Scooter
  • Total required ramp length: 6ft (1829mm), as a 1:8 gradient is recommended
  • Chosen platform height: 100mm
  • Height from step to platform: 100mm
  • Height from platform to ground: 100mm
  • Ramp length required for a 100mm height: 3ft (914mm), based on the 1:8 graident
  • Conclusion: Purchase 2 x 3ft folding wheelchair ramps and a portable platform set at 100mm.

Ready to buy? You will need to buy 2 ramps, for example folding wheelchair ramps and a platform to create the ‘L’ shape you require. You can take a left or right turn on the platform, simply set it up how you wish based on your requirements.

If you wish to leave the ramp in place, we would recommend viewing our Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems which also include platforms. As they are modular you can create any length you wish and include multiple platforms.

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