All new aviation chocks

New aviation chocks

As part of our new range of workplace safety equipment, you can now find high-quality aviation chocks alongside our vehicle wheel chocks. All of our aviation chocks are from Checkers, a trusted industry leader known for delivering long-lasting quality products to a wide range of industries including military use. As one of the largest manufacturers of wheel chocks in the world, Checkers have a huge range of aviation chocks for almost any type of aircraft and need, all tested to meet demanding industry standards.

The best aviation chocks around

These monster aviation chocks have earned their high quality and long-lasting reputation thanks to their innovative polyurethane construction. Unlike traditional wood chocks, this material won’t rot, crack or splinter and never needs painting. As well as being highly resistant to all types of extreme weather conditions they are also resistant to tears, abrasions, oils and solvents that are typically used and can cause problems in airfields.

Because of their highly durable material, these aviation chocks have become the go-to chocks for all types of aviation professionals from private airstrips to military requirements and are used every day for private, commercial, cargo and military aircraft.
Our aviation chocks are resistant to types of weather and meet military standards

Airplane wheel chocks that put safety first

The durable polyurethane construction that ensures no splintering or rotting like wood chocks also eliminates foreign object threats to aircraft. Additionally, instead of painting and maintaining traditional wood chocks, our Checkers aviation chocks are available in high visibility yellow or orange colouring to ensure safety at all times and make upkeep much easier. This significantly reduces the risk of problems from faded or dulled chocks.

A secure rope-lock system is simple to use and helps to ensure that chocks are kept in place. You’ll also find some of our aviation chocks available with an optional moulded-in soft base for increased traction. These anti-skid rubber pads are ideal for polished hanger floors that can be more slippery and dangerous for aircraft tires. Along with a wide range of chock sizes that ensure they fit the curve of the tire perfectly, these aviation chocks safely absorb wheel-squat during loading and fuelling operations.
Our airplane chocks are extremely safe in bright yellow and with a secure rope lock system

Quick and easy to use

Despite being so durable, polyurethane is also extremely lightweight, especially when compared to excessive steel and aluminium counterparts. Many of the aviation chock varieties also come with a rope carry handle for each chock or tying two together if they come in pairs. These aviation chocks are perfect for smaller and large airfields alike as they’re easy to carry and transport when needed. Once required, they’re quick and easy to set-up even with just one person, ideal for busy areas that need to ensure safety in strict time frames.
Checkers aviation chocks are extremely lightweight and easy to use

Find your perfect aeroplane wheel chocks

Checkers aircraft chocks come in a huge range of widths and sizes to suit any size wheel and almost any high loading-bearing capacity required. For all their benefits they are extremely affordable, enabling you to buy a wide selection if your airfield or hanger handles various size aircraft every day. Additionally, their high durability will save you money over time as they are extremely long lasting. Whether you handle private, commercial, cargo or military aircraft you’ll find the following ranges:

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