Modular wheelchair ramps

Modular wheelchair ramps

Temporary wheelchair ramps can be a great way to ensure your premises is accessible to wheelchair users, but sometimes a more permanent solution is needed. While businesses and homes may be happy to set-up their temporary solution for a wheelchair user, a permanent ramp is more convenient for many establishments that want to make a building accessible. Premises like schools, doctors and care homes may all welcome more wheelchair users than a typical business and a permanent ramp could save time.

What are modular wheelchair ramps

Our modular wheelchair ramps are a permanent or semi-permanent wheelchair ramp solution for homes, businesses or public services that may welcome more regular wheelchair users and are looking for a more convenient alternative to temporary ramps. They are separate free-standing structures that don’t require any modification or building work.

As their name suggests, these ramps come in easy modular parts that can be fitted together to suit any height and space. As well as a single ramp, these modular parts can be used with our modular platforms to create bends and corners for a longer ramp that fits into smaller or more awkward spaces. They can be easily dismantled and re-used elsewhere.
modular ramps are a permanent wheelchair ramp solution

A permanent wheelchair ramp solution

Because they have been designed to provide permanent wheelchair access all year round these ramps are built to the highest standard with handy additions to ensure safety at all times. Fabricated from galvanised steel, our permanent solutions come with an expanded mesh anti-slip surface to help keep wheelchair users safe in all weathers. Holes in the mesh help water run off the ramp to keep it from getting too slippery and provide additional grip in icy weather.

Double height handrails and up-stand safety edges also come with the modular systems as a standard to prevent wheelchair users sliding off and to provide additional support to users with mobility difficulties. The ramp and handrails are designed to fit right up to the door while the ramp itself rests completely against the ground to ensure safety when entering and exiting the ramp. Because of their robust build, these rams can be left up for days, weeks, months and even years. They even come with a 2-year warranty.
Double height handrails come with our modular ramps are standard

The great thing about permanent wheelchair ramps is they can make buildings accessible to a wide range of people, not just wheelchair users. Elderly people with mobility problems and scooters as well as people with pushchairs are just some of the groups that would benefit from ramp access. Alternatively, our wider ramps can even provide a loading solution for businesses.

Temporary wheelchair ramp convenience

While they have been designed for durability during all weathers, modular wheelchair ramps still provide the convenience of a temporary ramp solution. Their modular design and adjustable components, such as telescopic legs, means they can be easily dismantled, rebuilt or adjusted, perfect for temporary portacabins or other premises that may change their layout. They are easy to set-up for any competent builder.

There are also additional bespoke options that even our temporary solutions can’t provide. Choose from a range of handrail designs along with our standard double handrail options including customised powder coated rails and balustrade handrails.
You can customise your ramp to suit your needs including balustrade handrails

Our modular wheelchair ramp options

Depending on your space and requirements we offer 3 different modular wheelchair ramps options.

Narrow modular ramps

Our 1100mm narrow systems have been designed for smaller or more awkward spaces that need to provide permanent or long-term wheelchair access, or even those that simply need a modular system to provide access to a high entrance yet lack the space for a straight ramp. Private residences, schools, doctors and care homes are some of the typical buildings that benefit from a narrower solution.

Wide modular ramps

Our wider 1500mm ramp systems are perfect for use with public and more commercial buildings including portacabins, marquees, shops, hospitals, stages, theatres, offices as well as other establishments that may welcome a higher number of regular wheelchair users. This may include a range of wheelchair users that have scooters and electric wheelchairs of varying widths. They also feature a higher loading capacity making them perfect as an unloading and loading solution, for example, caterers. Just like our narrow systems they can still be dismantled and rebuilt as needed.
Choose from narrow modular wheelchair ramps as well as wider semi permanent wheelchair ramps

Miniramp solution

Like our narrow and wide solutions, our miniramps come in singular modular parts as well as kits and sets. These ramps are designed to build small entrance platforms, steps and small ramps for limited spaces with small height difference. They can be built together for any length required and can even be angled at 90 degrees for more awkward spaces. Some of these modular parts are used with our narrow and wide modular ramp systems as a ground ramp.

These ramps require even less planning and fitting requirements than our modular systems and can be easily and quickly set-up and dismantled when needed. If required, we can also provide kick sides to prevent slipping off for a safer miniramp solution. They are built from the same galvanised steel with mesh surface for a robust permanent ramp.

Start building your permanent ramp solution

Our team are on hand to help you customise and select the perfect modular system for your requirements. We provide full quotations and advice including 3D drawings showing the ramps layout to both businesses and private customers so you can be sure before you buy your modular ramp parts that you’re choosing the right solution. The great thing is that you can add to your solution over time to suit the changing needs of your premises.

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