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Make Your Event Wheelchair Friendly!

With 1 in 7 in Ireland reported to have a disability, it is important to consider wheelchair users when planning events to ensure they are able to access as many areas as possible in the easiest way.

Allow Wheelchairs To Easily Pass Over Cables

During events there are often a vast number of cables which are required to be protected. Whether this involves protecting cables at a music festival, cables connecting generators or cables to food stands, it is important wheelchair users can easily overcome these. 

The Ramp People have recently introduced new Rubber Wheelchair Ramps which work perfectly with our 3 channel and 5 channel cable protectors. Simply rest the rubber wheelchair ramps on either side of the Heavy Duty Cable Protectors to allow the wheelchair user to go up and over the cable protector. The cable protectors are interlocking allowing you to protect cables of any length. You can provide wheelchair access over one cable protector or several. As they are rubber they can be used inside and outside – especially perfect for summer festivals!

Wheelchair Ramps

We have an extensive range of portable wheelchair ramps, with folding solutions and fixed solutions available. Simply check the height of the steps the wheelchair user needs to go up and check what length is required using our Wheelchair Ramp Calculator – we would recommend a 1:8 gradient as a minimum so it is suitable for wheelchairs and scooters. If you plan to leave the ramp in place throughout the day, we would suggest viewing our all weather ramps.

Ground Protection

If your event is outside, it is of course important to lay ground protection to prevent pedestrians, and wheelchairs, becoming stuck in the mud. We offer an extensive range of Ground Protection mats, for example Safe Site Matting. Safe Site Matting is perfect for pedestrians and small vehicles. It can be provided with ramped edges to ensure wheelchairs and buggies can safely get onto and off the matting. The matting is provided with a non-slip surface and includes a drainage system to ensure it can be used in all weathers. In addition, using matting protects the ground from damage during events.
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