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Low Profile Cable Protectors – Perfect For Wheelchairs

When covering cables, it is important to consider who and what will be passing over the cable protector. As well as considering the maximum capacity you need a cable protector to hold, you should also consider if wheelchairs, buggies, or other items with low clearance, such as pallet trucks, may be passing over the cable protectors.

For events, many will opt to purchase cable protectors from The Ramp People’s Low Profile Cable Protector range. The cable protectors are built to a smoother gradient than other cable protectors, ensuring the cables are protected whilst allowing wheelchairs and other items with low clearance, such as flight cases and trolleys to pass over.

Checkers Guard Dog Low Profile ADA Cable Protector is the most well known, wheelchair friendly cable protector on the market. It is likely you have seen these at events, seasonal markets and other areas where members of the public are attending. The cable protectors are produced in the USA. ‘ADA’ relates to the fact the cable protector complies to the ‘American with Disabilities Act’ due to the smooth gradient provided on the cable protector.

Adam Hall’s Defender Nano Lux is provided with a 2,000kg capacity, the cable protector is suitable for pedestrian traffic, wheelchairs and light-duty vehicles. The cable protector is provided in black and yellow, or plain black. Perfect for warehouses with pallet trucks or for use during events.

Adam Hall’s Defender Midi Set is designed specifically with wheelchairs in mind. The cable protector is provided with holes to allow the ramp to be secured to the ground if required. The ramp includes the cable protector in the centre and slants on either side of the cable to provide wheelchair users with a smooth gradient allowing them to safely pass over the cable protector.

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