Improving road safety in Ireland

Improving road safety in Ireland

Road safety is a key concern for countries all over the world especially with changing technology and lifestyle habits impacting road safety even further in the past decade, and Ireland is no different. The rise in mobile phone usage has been added to drink driving and other hazards that can negatively impact road safety and even cause fatalities. Like other EU countries, Ireland has been looking to improve road safety and meet the ambitious EU target of zero fatalities on the road by 2050. This summer, reports show that those efforts are paying off. While many countries showed stagnating reductions in road fatalities, Ireland saw it’s biggest reduction yet between 2017 and 2018.

Ireland road safety statistics

In June the European Transport Safety Council awarded Ireland a road safety prize for its rapid improvement. Since 2010 the country has managed to reduce road fatalities by a staggering 31%. Statistics from it’s most recently recorded year showed the biggest reduction yet with 6% fewer road deaths between 2017 and 2018 compared to the previous year. While Ireland is still second to the UK in overall deaths per million inhabitants, the UK like many other EU countries have struggled with stagnating reductions in the past few years and seem to be hitting a roadblock. In fact, even the best overall European countries for road safety have seen reductions slow in the past few years. Switzerland and Norway, two non-EU countries, have the best overall road safety in Europe but have seen improvements slow along with the UK and many others. road safety in Ireland has been improving

How Ireland has improved road safety

So what has been driving this incredible improvement when so many others have struggled in recent years? Irish Transport Minister Shane Ross puts it down to new legislation and a huge push to improve road safety introduced by governments in the last 8 years. This legislation targets the biggest problems for road safety; speed, driving over the limit, mobile phone use and seatbelts. In 2017 Ireland reduced the threshold for illegal drunk driving and introduced roadside testing. This was expanded on to even include morning after roadside testing for people who could still be drunk driving even after trying to sleep it off. An advertising campaign targeted specifically at vulnerable road users ran alongside the new legislation at the time to build awareness and education. This focus looks set to continue in coming years as well with plans to introduce new speed penalties in the Autumn. Motorists will receive a higher penalty depending on how fast and how much over the limit they were caught driving.

Improving road safety in Ireland

As a driver you should always make sure to take measures to improve road safety including wearing seatbelts, keeping to the speed limit and never driving over the influence or while using a mobile phone. There are also things you can do, however, as a citizen to help improve road safety for everyone in Ireland. In fact, we have a whole range of products aimed at doing just this. Take a look at some other ways you can help to improve road safety. Ireland has made the most improvements with road safety in the last year

Speed bumps and cushions

Installing speed bumps on your private road or in a private car park area is a great way to ensure that roads in your area are safe. We offer a wide range of speed bumps at various heights so you can control speeds to either 5mph or 10mph depending on your needs. You can find speed bumps designed to handle higher load capacities such as for HGV’s and other heavy-load vehicles. This is perfect for industrial estate areas or businesses where you may receive deliveries and want to ensure safety for everyone. Additionally, you can build your speed bumps to any length you desire. Get one of our speed bump kits to your desired length or simply buy additional speed bump middles to get the right length for your road. All of our speed bumps come with reflective cats eyes and eye-catching black and yellow colouring to ensure safety for motorists. You also don’t have to worry about speed bumps being complex or difficult to install. We provide you with all the fixings you need including a SDS Max drill bit plus a detailed installation guide with videos to help. Our speed bumps can be installed on either concrete or tarmac. They are quick and easy to install, and can easily be taken up and removed if needed. As well as speed bumps, we also offer a range of speed cushions in either black or red. They can also be used for HGV’s as well as cars, come with reflective cats eyes for safety and are easy to install on either concrete or tarmac. Get speed bumps in Ireland to improve road safety

Portable speed bumps

While our speed bumps are easy to take up and remove or needed sometimes you need a more portable speed bump solution. Our temporary speed bumps are perfect for schools, events or other areas where you may only need to slow traffic for certain periods of the day, days of the week and so on. They offer the ultimate in safety as they can slow down motorists when needed, but aren’t left as an unnecessary obstacle when not required. These speed bumps are incredibly easy to use, simply unroll and layout over the road when needed and then roll up and store when not in use. They are incredibly lightweight yet offer similar reflective cats eyes and bright colouring as regular speed bumps to still ensure the most safety. Find them available with and without a handy ramp edge.

Flow plates

The latest edition to our road safety range, flow plates are most suited to car parks and other areas where you need to control and calm traffic for safe traffic flow. Find them in their basic flow plate style or the popular direction traffic spikes. In both formats they ensure that cars and other vehicles can only safely pass over the one direction; wheels will be stopped or damaged if trying to pass over the wrong direction. High visibility yellow and black colouring ensures that our flow plates are easy to see for motorists and road users.

Barrier fences and traffic cones

We also offer a range of barrier fences and traffic cones that are ideal for ensuring road safety at road works, construction sites and events. Available with highly reflective stickers and in a range of bright colours including standard-issue orange, they are also easy to set up to create a safe traffic calming system. Shop our full road safety range here or contact us to find out more about how we can help you improve road safety in your area.

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