Folding van ramp

Folding Van Ramps

We have a variety of folding van ramps available. Our portable folding van ramps simply rest onto the van. Our fixed folding van ramps can easily be secured into the van using the predrilled holes.  Simply rest on and go solutions: Portable Aluminium Folding Van Ramp Our Viper Economy Cross Folding Travel Ramp is a simple solution for load weights of 400kg. Simply rest the ramp on the back of the vehicle and go. Our new Premium Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp is 1000mm wide. The ramp holds capacities between 500kg – 1000kg, a perfect solution to loading flight cases. The ramp is available in various lengths to match your load height. The folding van ramp is TUV certified and customisable.  Fixed Folding Van Ramps: Standard Folding Van Ramp – Our most popular folding van ramp Mesh Folding Van Ramp – Perfect for loading wheelchairs  Twisty Folding Van Ramp – Simply twists out of the way when not in use  Heavy Duty Folding Van Ramp – Certified to hold weights up to 1,000kg.  FEAL Folding Van Ramp – 2-part and 3-part folding van ramp solutions   

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