wheelchair ramp gradient

Finding You The Perfect Ramp

At first it can be overwhelming to choose the best suitable ramp, as there are more factors to be considered as one would first assume. Which is why we have an easy ramp guide introduced to help finding the best ramp, for finding you the perfect ramp.

Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide or our Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator

This guide will help you to work out the best suitable gradient for the ramp needed which will help you get the length of ramp you need as well as the advised capacities and features of our entire range. You can also see all of the benefits and uses for all of the different ramps, we do this to ensure you are happy when your ramp arrives. But also our website and news section are updated nearly every day to keep our customers up to date with the latest products, regulations, etc. Please also have a look at our FAQ site, here. We also understand that sometimes things can be fairly complicated and you might not be able to find the help you need on our buying guide, that’s why our friendly sales team are there to answer any questions and with their expertise, help to find you the exact ramp you need.

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