Economy Wheelchair Suitcase Ramp

Extra Wide Economy Wheelchair Ramp

One of our bestselling products is certainly the economy wheelchair suitcase ramp.

As a new feature of those wheelchair ramps, we now offer the extra wide economy wheelchair ramp, with an internal, usable width of 750mm.

We have recently modified our range with a better handle and one long flat hinge, this extra version was the necessary modification for a lot of our customer, with wider door and wider wheelchairs. With the extra width, those ramps can also be used for pedestrians with rollators, as they surely feel safer with this extra space on the ramp, as those ramps are also built with safety edges to prevent any wheeling off.

Economy Wheelchair Suitcase Ramp

With a featured capacity of up to 300kg, the extra wide economy wheelchair ramp covers most eventualities and nearly every wheelchair, with the extra flat hinge available in the lengths between 2ft-6ft, 7ft and 8ft are available with the 3 hinges, as the one hinge is not yet strong enough for those lengths.

To put it in a nutshell, this ramp is easy to handle whilst relatively low in price, therefore one of our bestselling products with its own success story.

We hold large stock in order to ensure a fast delivery. Please contact us for more information regarding your best suitable ramp order here.

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