Range of Expandable Barriers

Expanding The Ramp People’s Expandable Barrier Range

We recently introduced a range of expandable barriers and they have proven to be very popular! 

Expandable barriers are a great way to safely control pedestrian movement. Expandable barriers are lightweight and portable, they provide a great solution to ensure individuals remains safe when unexpected spillages occur.  Safety barriers are a popular solution to ensure pedestrians do not enter specific areas in commercial settings, for example within shops, warehouses or during events.  The Ramp People’s range of collapsable barriers are highly visible. Colours include; red, white, yellow and black. Our Expandable Mobile Barricade features warning symbols on the barrier itself to ensure passersby are alerted to the risk.  Different barriers have different features, depending on your needs. The Expandable Mobile Barricade includes wheels for easy movement.  Water-filled barriers provide extra security and are often used in construction sites. Our red and white barrier come with a carry handle to ensure it is easy to transport.  The Ramp People’s safety barrier range start at prices from just £47.50 + VAT. With our range expandable barriers constantly expanding, keep an eye on our growing selection! portable expandable barrier

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