Crowd safety and event management for festival season

Crowd safety and event management for festival season

Sunny weather is perfect for outdoor events so it’s no surprise that come summertime, it’s officially festival season. Events can be great fun to organise, but they can also be extremely challenging. Dealing with large crowds and expensive equipment is no small task. Event managers and companies often find themselves trying to juggle potentially dangerous electrical equipment, heavy machinery and the health and safety of hundreds or even thousands of people. That makes event safety equipment essential for any event planner. Coming up with a health and safety plan can be tough, but luckily there are plenty of tools and equipment out there designed to manage crowds and keep both people and apparatus safe. We should know, we stock them ourselves! If you’re having an event in Ireland this summer then take a look at the range of equipment you might need to ensure you put health and safety first.

Speed bumps

If you’re having an event then chances are you’ve had to organise parking facilities. Depending on the event, you might be fortunate enough to use an existing purpose-built car park. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to create your own car park, which can present safety challenges all of its own before people even enter the event. speed bumps for event safety management If you can try and secure tarmac or concrete areas for your car park as they are safer for both drivers and pedestrians compared to grassy areas and fields used for parking. With concrete and tarmac, you also have the option to install speed bumps to help ensure cars are driving at a safe speed for pedestrians and other drivers. While this may sound like a big installation task, speed bumps are actually really easy to fit and take away when needed. You’ll find our speed bumps in three different height sizes to help slow traffic to either 5mph or 10mph depending on your needs. Eye-catching black and yellow colouring with in-built cats eyes help to ensure safety, plus they come with free fixings for either tarmac or concrete. Our handy speed bump installation guide with video is available to talk you through the whole process.

Traffic cones

Traffic cones are surprisingly versatile and could come in handy throughout your event as well as at entrances and car park areas. Make sure you opt for traffic cones that come with a reflected sleeve around the middle to ensure safety, especially if you’re having an event that runs into the evening or throughout the night. High-quality PVC construction is also essential for durability. It may be summer, but it’s still likely to rain in Ireland! Weather resistance is therefore key, plus it means you can keep your cones for other events or uses for years to come. While orange is the main colour for traffic cones, we also feature a range of other colours to suit your branding if you wish.

Barrier fences

Barrier fences come in all shapes and sizes depending on your exact needs. They’re extremely useful for crowd management and can help to organise big events and crowds by directly people into certain areas or paths. They’re also key for safety and can be used to block off dangerous areas to drivers or pedestrians, for example keeping a pedestrian path separate from an open car parking area or blocking off dangerous electronic equipment in the event. barrier fences for crowd management and event safety We stock everything from basic PVC barrier fences to our more heavy-duty water-filled fences in various shapes designed to be stacked and used together to form a secure barrier. All come with red and white reflectors for additional safety during darker hours and are highly visible. As a bonus, you’ll also find some of our fences are actually available in customised colours, perfect if you want to make sure you have consistent branding at your next event. We also stock expandable barrier fences in various colours with secure water filled bases. These are ideal for indoor events or indoor areas within your event.

Wheelchair ramps

Accessibility is more important than ever and yet we see many businesses, public spaces, events and more still fail to cater to a range of disabilities including mobile ones. If you’re hosting an event either inside or outside with potential obstacles to people with a disability, for example, a small set of stairs at the entrance, then why not invest in a wheelchair ramp? Today, you can find extremely affordable temporary wheelchair ramps that are designed to be completely portable. Both our economy, premium and folding wheelchair ramps have all been designed to be lightweight and compact so they’re easy to store, transport and set-up with a simple rest on connection. Of course, if you have a much larger obstacle to deal with such as a larger flight of steps or want to provide a more secure ramp for heavy foot-fall, we also offer semi-permanent part m ramps. These are designed to offer a more permanent solution and handle much larger crowds of people but can still be set-up and taken down with relative ease when we required. They also come with handrails for additional safety. With so many people still falling short of accessibility, your event could get a real edge by investing in a wheelchair ramp! wheelchair ramps for event management and accessibility

Ground protection mats

Ground protection mats are perfect for any outdoor event handling large crowds, and they can even be used on grass to make a more stable car parking area! Designed to withstand huge weight capacities including JCB and other machinery, they help protect fields and other surfaces as well as provide a much more secure and stable walking area for pedestrians. There a wide range of different ground protection mats to choose from depending on your needs, but all have been built to the highest quality and are designed for extreme durability even in extreme weathers. They can protect against slippery mud and other ground conditions typically seen at events. Many choose to use them at least at the entrance areas which often see the most consistent foot-traffic, but they’re perfect for any areas within your event.

Cable protectors

Whatever event you’re holding, chances are there will be a lot of heavy duty cables and wires snaking around to various stages, equipment and more. These cables might be essential to making your event what it is, but they can also be extremely dangerous to pedestrians. Not only are they a trip hazard, but large crowds can damage the cables themselves. This is where heavy-duty cable protectors come in handy. Designed with a range of different channels including 3, 4, 5 channels and more, they are designed to provide high visibility protection for any wires you have. With a highly durable finish, they’re ideal for outdoor events that may experience adverse weather conditions and have a high capacity so even wheelchairs and vehicles can pass over them without a problem. cable protectors for crowd safety and event management You’ll also find rubber cable protectors and other smaller cable covers that are perfect for smaller wires that you may have backstage or in other inside areas. Again, high capacity and visibility mean they can handle heavy foot traffic as wheeled carts of equipment if needed.

Making your event safe

Want to know more about event safety and how we could help? Talk to our team today to find out which equipment you need to help ensure safety at your next event or to find out more about any of our great products.

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