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Choosing The Right Loading Ramp For Your Truck or Van

At The Ramp People, we have one of the most extensive ranges of ramps on the market. From motorbike ramps to pet ramps, the list is endless. Giving our customers the choice of over 300 types of ramp is something we pride ourselves on. It means we can offer a solution to almost any access or loading problem.

However, with all the choices and variations on offer, it can be difficult to whittle down what ramp will perfectly match your needs. Especially with our truck and van ramps range, which is one of our most comprehensive ranges available.

Van Loading Ramp

To help you narrow down your decision and make sure you’ve selected the right truck or van ramp solution for you, we’ve put together some useful guidance around key considerations. This is broken down into three stages; what vehicle you’re loading into, what size and length you need, and key features the ramp must have.

Here’s a diagram of the stages of consideration that we are going to go through.

Truck Loading Ramp

So, let’s get into the first stage of your decision.

Vehicle Type

First and foremost, at the very start of the decision process, you need to select the right product for the right vehicle. It may sound obvious to choose a van ramp for a van or a truck ramp for a truck, but the differences in these ramps can vary hugely. With each solution is specifically designed for one or the other, you need to make sure it’s being used for the purpose it was designed for.

Length and Width

Now you know what vehicle you’re loading, you will need to select the length and width. The load height of your vehicle is the most important factor when selecting a ramp.

In terms of the length of your chosen ramp, most TUV certified loading ramps are designed, tested and built at a 30% loading gradient to allow safe loading and unloading. Using a ramp at the wrong height and angle is likely to invalidate the warranty and be very dangerous.

For a ramp to be at this safe gradient, a specific length will correspond to a specific loading height. This ensures that the foot end of your ramp sits flat on the floor when in use – this will increase the life expectancy of your ramp and make for smoother loading.

All of our truck and van loading ramps held in stock will be cut for the 30% gradient. You can simply multiply your load height by 3.3 to find the ideal length of ramp, or take a look at these common load heights and their corresponding lengths.

1500mm length = 450mm load height

2000mm length = 600mm load height

2500mm length = 750mm load height

3000mm length = 900mm load height

3500mm length = 1050mm load height

4000mm length = 1200mm load height

4500mm length = 1350mm load height

5000mm length = 1500mm load height

With regards to the width of your ramp, this is dependant on the machines being loaded. Make sure that the width of your ramp fits correctly with your truck or van, and with the loads you’re loading.

If you need any assistance choosing the correct size, then please feel free to speak to an advisor. If you don’t think you can find the correct ramp length or width then give us a call. We can work with your measurements to create a custom-built solution on all of our truck and van ramps.

Other Key Features For Van Ramps

Van Loading Ramp

Next, once the length and width have been specified, we believe there are four other key criteria to evaluate when making your van ramp decision; loading capacity, storage and transport, installation, and level of security.

These criteria will be of differing importance to people depending on their needs, so some may hold a greater weighting than others in your decision.

Loading Capacity

Loading capacity is a very important factor to consider when choosing a ramp. A ramp with a lower capacity than you need could be unsafe if overloaded while choosing a ramp with a higher capacity will cost you more money. Depending on how heavy the load on the ramp is going to be, the type of ramp you can use will vary.

Our van ramps have capacities ranging from 300kg to 1500kg. If you want to load items consistently under 300kg, then the ramps with heavier capacities may not be necessary. Whilst if you’re going to be loading heavier items, you’ll need one of our stronger ramps.

If you’re looking at loading under 300kg, our standard, twisty and mesh surface ramps can accommodate. These ramps start at 300kg capacity with the stronger versions holding up to 600kg.

If you want a ramp that has a higher capacity, we offer economy heavy duty and premium heavy duty van ramps from Viper. Economy Viper ramps have a capacity of 900kg, while the premium versions can load more, with a capacity of 1000kg.

If up to 1000kg still doesn’t cut it, our aluminium channel ramps are the strongest van ramp we offer, with a load capacity of 1500kg.

Storage & Transport

Storing and transporting ramps is the second criteria that we feel is crucial. When using van ramps it’s important that you can easily pack up the ramp after you’ve loaded the van and transport it somewhere easily.

All of our van ramps are manufactured from the highest grade, lightweight aluminium. This helps in terms of both storage and transport as they can be picked up, moved around and carried without hassle.

If you want further storage possibilities and depending on what kind of storage you can allocate to your ramp, we have different solutions to suit. We offer a large range of folding van ramps that provide great storage possibilities. Our twisty mechanism folding ramps are another great option; the twisty mechanism allows the ramps to be twisted out of the way when not in use inside your van.

Despite being our strongest van ramps, our channel ramps are also one of our most compact solutions. Coming as a pair, these ramps can be stacked and stored to take up significantly less space than some of our folding van ramps.


If you’re going to be using the ramp consistently, then the ease and time to install the ramp could be of importance.

It’s important to point out that all of our ramp installations require no modification to the vehicle being loaded.

Ramps such as our Viper Heavy Duty van ramps come with rest on connection, so you can instantly install the ramp safely, and immediately start loading out of the box. Channel ramps also come with our convenient rest on connection.

Twisty folding ramps and standard folding ramps also come with easy installation, with just two clips needed to be installed. While it’s not as quick as our rest on connection, this is still a secure and surprisingly fast process.

Level Of Security

How secure your items are as they are being loaded onto a van via a ramp is also worth considering. We offer many security features throughout the van ramp range at The Ramp People including different ramp surfaces and safety edges. On all of our ramps, we offer a non-slip surface which is guaranteed for life.

We also offer a mesh surface on some our folding van ramps. These are especially useful for wheelchairs and are used extensively in the health-care industry. We also offer a special anti-slip surface.

For additional security, you may want to consider a ramp with safety edges. These help to prevent any loads accidentally slipping off and are ideal for both wheelchairs and valuable or fragile loads.

Other Considerations For Truck Ramps

Truck Loading Ramp

If the vehicle you’re loading onto is a truck, then after choosing the length and width, your choice will largely come down to two different criteria; loading capacity and installation.

Loading Capacity

Loading capacity is the most important factor when deciding which truck ramp to use. A truck ramp is usually used in a commercial setting, which means there is potential for loading heavy machinery as well as lighter items.

If you’re likely to be loading heavy machinery, then our yard ramp selection is for you. Built with a reinforced steel undercarriage, these ramps have a loading capacity from 7000kg to 10000kg. Yard ramps can be used with forklift trucks, scissor lifts, genies, plant machinery and vehicles.

If you’re looking to load trucks with lighter items, then our standard truck ramp range should be suitable. Their load capacities are 1000kg.


The installation of your truck ramp is often dependant on the load capacity. As a rule, a higher load capacity or heavy duty truck ramp will need to be more secure and usually involves a more complex installation process.

Our standard truck ramp range comes with rest on connection, as seen in the van ramps section, which means you can simply take it out the box and start loading immediately.

In terms of yard ramps, they are all highly mobile, which allows for fast and easy access for loading and unloading containers. However, the installation process is not as simple as the rest on connection of the standard truck ramps, and will take longer.

Made Your Decision?

Hopefully, this has helped you to find your perfect ramp. Whether you know exactly what ramp to purchase or you still need some guidance, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales-team today on +353 1 695 0520 or and they will be happy to assist you.

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