Choosing The Best Wheel Stop / Parking Block For You

There are an array of wheel stops on the market which vary in material, size and colour. The Ramp People see rubber wheel stops as the best solution and have a variety to meet your requirements.

Our wheel stops are provided in sizes between 550mm – 2000mm. Prices start at just €33.00 + VAT.

Black and yellow is the most popular colour chosen however we do also offer other colours, including blue and white and black and white

All of our wheel stops are provided with fixings and a drill bit. The fixings allow you to easily secure the wheel stop in areas with concrete or tarmac. 

Our parking blocks are produced from 100% recycled rubber. They are extremely durable and designed to withstand and absorb force of slow moving vehicle. 

Which length?
You will need to decide which length suits your requirements. Take into consideration the size of the area, purpose, and vehicles which will be attending the site. 

What is the purpose of wheel stops? 
Wheel stops/ parking blocks are a great way to alert drivers that they have parked correctly and do not need to reverse any further. It also prevents accidents, for example the driver reversing too far and hitting a wall. Moreover, the wheel stops increase safety as it ensures drivers do not enter pedestrianised areas. Wheel stops as provided in various colours to ensure visibility and prevent trip hazards. 

Bulk Discounts?
Yes, we are happy to offer discounts on bulk purchases of our wheel stops, just ask our team! 

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