Wheel Stops & Parking Blocks

Wheel Stop

Wheels Stops/Parking Blocks are a popular, simple way to prevent damage to cars and structures during parking. They are easy to install on tarmac and concrete, especially as our wheel stops are provided with free fixings and a drill bit. …

Pet Ramps!


If your dog is suffering from a joint condition, or is at risk of hereditary health conditions you may be thinking of how to avoid making your pooch jump unnecessary heights.

Research has shown that dogs jumping in/out of SUV’s, …

Pallet Truck Ramps

Pallet truck ramp
The Ramp People’s Pallet Truck Ramps are an ideal way to load pallet trucks/ pump trucks in and out of containers. The low ground clearance on pallet truck’s often causes users problems when going up kerbs or into containers. Our…