ATV and motorcycle ramps Ireland

ATV and motorcycle ramps Ireland

Warmer months are a great time for motorcycle, quad bike and classic car enthusiasts alike. Sunnier weather is perfect for driving with the top down or thrill-seeking on the dirt track, but transporting and looking after your pride and joy can be tricky. Loading into vans and containers provides plenty of opportunities for damage and disaster if you don’t invest in the right equipment. Motorcycle and ATV ramps can not only ease the loading process, but they also help protect motorcycles, ATV’s, classic cars and much more. Here’s a look at the wide range of ATV and motorcycle ramps we have for delivery in Ireland, including some all-new ramps.

Original motorcycle loading ramp Original motorcycle ramp

Sold as pair and available both with or without a double support bar, our original motorcycle ramps can be used singularly or together to suit everything from standard motorcycles to classic sports cars. We’ve even seen them used for ride on lawn mowers! These reliable ramps are robot welded from solid but lightweight aircraft grade aluminium so they’re both durable and easy to transport and store. Each pair of ramps is supplied with 2 connections straps and they’re extremely easy to fit for safe loading, but only for motorcycles, ATV, ride on mowers or similar vehicles as they’re unsuitable for axle machinery or vehicles. Single ramp capacity: 340kg Capacity as a pair: 680kg Max Load height: 666mm Shop the original motorcycle ramp here or buy with this ramp with double support bar here.

“The Aussie” ATV loading ramp Perforated ATV and motorcycle ramp

One of our newest ramps in the range, “The Aussie” is perfect for ATV loading as well as motorcycles and other non-axle machinery. This ramp features a perforated grip system for added safety, ideal for quad bikes or dirt bikes and loading in rougher terrain. “The Aussie” ramps are slightly curved for better ground clearance as well as an angled foot for smooth access onto the ramp. Just like our original ramps, you can use them singularly or as a pair, and they fold up for easy transportation and storage. Single ramp capacity: 340kg Capacity as a pair: 680kg Max Load height: 685mm Shop “The Aussie” ramp here.

Mesh surface ramp with double support bar Extra strong motorcycle ramp

With a unique cut-out grip mesh surface, these sleek motorcycle ramps come with a double support bar as standard to increase strength and versatility. Just like all our other ramps their lightweight, easy to fit functionality has been health and safety tested to comply with guidelines. We’re so confident about the durability and reliability of these ramps that they come with a 1-year warranty guarantee. Single ramp capacity: 340kg Capacity as a pair: 680kg Max Load height: 666mm You can shop the mesh surface ramp here.

The new original motorcycle ramp Ride on lawn mower ramp

We took our original ramp and made it better, much better. This revolutionary new design features a smooth perforated grip surface for a sleek finish that still provides reliable grip. It also features a new rest on connection type with protective rubber for an even easier set-up that provides additional protection to the vehicle or container you are loading into. They even have two convenient handles to make transporting this lightweight motorcycle and ATV ramp even easier. Single ramp capacity: 340kg Capacity as a pair: 680kg Max Load height: 680mm You can shop our latest motorcycle ramp here.

Dual purpose ramp Dual purpose motorcycle ramp, car lift ramp and kerb ramp

Our most versatile ramp design yet this dual-purpose ramp can be extended and used to load motorcycles, quad bikes, lawn mowers and more or fold them up and use them car risers! This amazing versatile design is easy to use and is perfect for motorheads who like to take their quad bikes out on the weekend and work on their car during the week. Raise your car when working in your garage or even use them as kerb ramps to protect tyres from damage if you don’t have a dropped car. Capacity as a pair: 454kg Max Load height: 549mm Car raising height: 155mm You can shop the versatile dual-purpose motorcycle and car raising ramp here.

Black Widow ramp The Black Widow ramp for motorbikes and quad bikes

The Black Widow ramp is one of the most popular ramps on the market and for good reason too. This extra large ramp is available as a single ramp, two outer ramps or as the complete kit with a single and two outer ramps for unparalleled strength and durability. We even offer the Black Widow kit XL for our highest load height yet. Capable of handling load capacities up to 680kg it features a solid plate style lip rest for grip on tailgates and the ramps can be strapped together. They’re large size and stability makes them easy for one person to load and walk or even ride bikes up the ramp for loading. You’ll also find noticed crossed rungs to provide extra traction for wet tires, ideal for any climate and environment. We trust this ramp so much we offer not 1 but 2-years warranty with the Black Widow kit XL. Single ramp capacity: 680kg Pair of outer ramps: 540kg Kit capacity: 680kg XL Kit Max Load height: 835mm You can shop the Black Widow ramps including single, pair and kit options here or the XL kit here. Want to know more about our motorcycle ramps? Take a look at our handy FAQ page where we answer the most common questions or talk to one of our team today.

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